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Pennsylvania Ag News Headlines
USDA Technology Transfer Report Highlights U.S. Research
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 07/21/2017
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue Thursday announced that U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) research generated 244 new inventions and 109 patent applications in the 2016 fiscal year. These innovations included an anti-cancer drug derived from Omega-3 fatty acids, sensors to help prevent bridge collapses, gene-silencing technology that controls mosquito populations, and hand-held imaging tool . . .

Heritage and Ancient Grain Project Feeds Growing Demand
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 07/21/2017

New Robotic Lab Tracking Toxicity of Lake Erie Algal Bloom
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 07/21/2017

$15.1M for Renewable Energy, Biobased Products, Agroecosystems
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 07/21/2017

Greene Co. Public Meeting on Bailey Mine Permit Revisions
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 07/21/2017

Human Health and Environment Seed Grants Announced
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 07/21/2017

Researchers Developing Gene-Editing Method to Study Anthropods
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 07/20/2017

National & World Ag Briefs
2Q U.S. Milk Production Grow Nearly Two Percent
USAgNet - 07/21/2017

Tweaks to Margin Protection Program Approved at Committee Level
USAgNet - 07/21/2017

Second Quarter Grain Inspections Reach Record High
USAgNet - 07/21/2017

Scientists Program Yeast to Turn Plant Sugars into Biodiesel
USAgNet - 07/21/2017

U.S., China Sign Historic Agreement Opening Market Access
USAgNet - 07/21/2017

Regional Ag News Updates
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