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GROWMARK Initiates InnerSoy Pilot with InnerPlant
USAgNet - 12/01/2023

GROWMARK, Inc., a prominent agricultural cooperative, has teamed up with InnerPlant to launch InnerSoy, the first soybean fungal sensor in the world. This innovative technology enables soybeans to emit optical signals under stress, such as fungal attacks or nutrient deficiencies. These signals are detectable via specialized equipment like drones or satellites, allowing farmers to swiftly address potential crop threats.

In 2024, GROWMARK plans to set up InnerSoy test plots throughout the Midwest, gradually expanding over three years. These plots, situated near existing soybean farms, will monitor for early signs of fungal infection. The collected data will enhance InnerPlant's machine-learning tools, improving agronomic intelligence to safeguard and boost crop performance.

Wade Mittelstadt, GROWMARK's COO, highlights the significant risk farmers face annually. This pilot project offers GROWMARK and its FS cooperatives exclusive access to InnerPlant's advanced technology, aimed at managing crop health risks more effectively. Dr. Jeff Bunting, GROWMARK's VP of crop protection, also expresses enthusiasm about leveraging InnerPlant's technology to gain essential data for combating diseases early.

GROWMARK, headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois, caters to nearly 400,000 customers across North America. It provides a range of services including agronomy, energy, facility engineering, construction, logistics, grain marketing, and risk management. Owning the FS trademark used by member cooperatives, GROWMARK continues to innovate in agricultural technology and services.

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