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Pennsylvania Corn Planting Steady, Soybeans Lag
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 05/21/2019

Pennsylvania had a fair week for field activities with an average of 3.5 days suitable for field work.

Wet weather continues to linger over most of the state with some areas reporting possible crop damage due to hail storms, specifically to apples and peaches. Corn planting continues at a steady pace while soybeans remain behind despite some "catching up" this week.

Field activities for the week included planting corn and soybeans, spraying and harvesting for forage.

Reporters are from Extension Service (Ext), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA),bConservation District (CD), farmers, commodity specialists, or other knowledgeable individuals.

ADAMS County, Judy A. Behney: Adams County started the week out wet again with 1 inch of rainfall and morning temperature 42 and only into 50's daytime. Tuesday morning 46 degrees with some sun and clouds all day into mid 50's. Wednesday morning 46 degrees and sunny and into the 70s. Thursday was early morning showers with not much accumulation then sunny and mid 70's. Today Friday started out 53 degrees and sunny. Suppose to maybe be some thunderstorms later today and something different for the weekend is supposed to be nice both Saturday and Sunday. We need some sunshine for a few days to dry things off so producers can get into their fields to plant corn and soybeans and to harvest their forage crops and hay. No corn and soybeans were planted this week as soils too wet and some fields you can see the water laying in them. Corn and soybeans that have already been planted some are emerged and others not. Producers are eager to get to planting but need the weather to cooperate. Wheat and barley continue to get some height however some is lodged since last weekend's rains/winds. Yields for wheat and barley will not be very good this year as there are a lot of spots that drowned out last fall in fields. Some producers will not harvest and plant something else due to poor stands. Hay continues to grow and needs to be made but ground conditions are not permitting getting into fields and not rutting up which takes its toll on equipment later. Everything will be needing to be done again at one time with all tractors being hooked up to equipment that is needed for the conditions and then changed to another piece of equipment for another job. Fruit crops are looking pretty good for now but the rainy weather this spring has concerns for rot, fire blight and other diseases. Producers are kept busy keeping track of what Penn State is recommending to be applied. Vegetables are looking good but could also use some sunshine. Strawberries are in blossom so in a few weeks they will be ready to harvest. Overall the producers are finishing readying equipment as to when the weather changes it will be time to spend long days in the fields. Producers are reminded to report newly seeded hay this spring and oats acreages to their FSA offices before the June 15th deadline. A very nice weekend of 70-80 degree temperatures and humid. Some producers got some forage chopped and also some corn and soybeans planted while it was nice. Then Sunday evening numerous thunderstorms and at times heavy rains fell in the county. There was an inch of rainfall in the rain gage this morning so we had at least that much. Water standing in fields again.

ADAMS/FRANKLIN County, Thomas Kerr: Storms on Sunday will slow field work early in the week. A lot of corn has been planted but now needs some dry weather to get going. Fruit looks good but may have seen some damage as hail was reported in southern Franklin County Sunday.

BRADFORD County, Casey Guindon: A period of warm dry weather last week paved the way for a slew of field activities including tillage, manure spreading, and corn planting. Some early summer annual weeds, like common lambsquarters and common ragweed have begun to emerge.

CENTRE County, Dick A. Decker: Some field work completed between showers. Spraying, planting and some rye/first cutting hay processed as high moisture forage. Rainfall for the week about 1.25 inches.

COLUMBIA County, John O Yocum: Rain and wet soils stopped field work except on high and well drained fields.

COLUMBIA/LUZERNE/MONTOUR County, C. John Esslinger: Severe hail went through the Buckhorn and Catawissa areas of Columbia County Thursday morning. It caused locally severe damage on several tree fruit and berry farms.

DAUPHIN/PERRY County, Liz Bozak: Heavy rain during thunderstorms this Sunday will bring a temporary halt to most field activities early this week. Planters were out in fields on Friday and Saturday. Many summer annual weeds have germinated and are less than four inches tall - common ragweed, giant ragweed, common lambsquarters, ladysthumb, and Eastern black nightshade. Adult cereal leaf beetles have arrived in small grains. Keep an eye out for larval damage in the next week or so. Some slug damage on early planted corn but no other damage to report on cereal rye and triticale.

JUNIATA/SNYDER Counties, William C. Sheaffer: Finally, a good week for field activities. Forage crops are being chopped with the yields being fair. Corn planting is in full swing except; for the poorly drained area. Main activities for the week were planting, spraying and harvesting forages.

LACKAWANNA County, Eric Johnson: Nearly 3 inches of rain last weekend saturated the ground this week. However, dryer weather the last few days and forecasted for next week should allow vegetable producers to finish spring planting and get most farms started planting field corn and cutting early hay.

LUZERNE/MONTOUR County, C. John Esslinger: Severe hail went through the Buckhorn and Catawissa areas of Columbia County Thursday morning. It caused locally severe damage on several tree fruit and berry farms.

MERCER County, James P. Rust: Planters were in the fast mode over the weekend for corn and soybeans with the improvements in the weather. Our area received .4 rainfall Sunday evening thru Monday morning. No weather for the curing of the hay crop.

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